Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ka 50 "Black-Shark"

Hey Everyone

Life's been getting busy for both JQ and I (our academic schedules aren't letting us breathe too much heh). That's the thing about hobbies, there are times when 'real life' gets in the way of the things we truly desire to do...and as always, hobbying runs on $$$ haha.

Well, today we are featuring the Ka-50 "Black-shark" attack helicopter, once again courtesy of Micromachines, and sporting an unrealistic all silver-paint job :P (nonetheless I still miss micromachines, and if you look carefully, you can still get some sets on

As with Russian military projects of the 1990s, the economic meltdown resulted in the cessation of the development and production of the Ka-50 helicopter. With Russia gradually rebounding back into greater financial health, some projects have been started again and production is slated to start in the future. To date, only a few Ka-50s and Ka-52s (2 seat, side-by-side) are in Russian service, with India and Jordan expressing interest...and Russia themselves restarting Ka-52 (favored over single seat Ka 50s) production in Fall of '08. The Mil-24 Hind (which has a cool design IMHO) remains the mainstay chopper for the Russians, but they have deteriorated due to a lack of funds, resulting in higher casualty rates in recent Chechnya conflicts.

Armed with 4 hardpoints and a semi-rigid 30mm cannon, Ka-50s are designed to work in a group of 4, with data-sharing of targets being shared among the choppers and ground personnel with appropriate equipment. The laser-guided Vikhr missiles are reported to be jam-proofed and highly accurate with automatic guidance provided by a targeting system (which allows the Ka-50 to take evasive maneuvers after ATGM launch). Also, the Ka-50's weapons control system allows the pilot to rotate the body of the chopper to aim the 30mm cannon (Shipunov 2A42), compared to turrets used in others like the Mil-28 or AH-64. Like the AH-64, it can carry short-range IR-guided A-11 Archer missiles (an improvement over the AA-8 Aphids)...attack helicopters carrying AAMs was always a cool concept to me since I was a kid.

If you're a fan of Battlefield (or other modern military games), notice that Russia is once again put in the forefront (especially for Bad Company 2)? I remember when BF2 came out a few years ago, the prime powers were the US, China and the Middle East Coalition (similar for C&C Generals), which was a 'new thing' during those times...reflecting the loss of prestige Russia had in contrast with China's rise to power. And now, Russia's back...and the lines between good/bad guys is predictably greyed. Unfortunately JQ hasn't played MW2, and I can't talk about the twist in that game related to that last point :/

PS: MW2 has a really cool single player campaign worth playing through, it's more polished than the one in BC2 in my opinion.


  1. Russia seems to be rehashing many of their projects that they have shutdown. They also have gone to an extent of actually remaking many of their harbour-ridden submarines and ships operational again.

    Even going to an extent of setting up a Re-emergent Carrier program to build 3 more carriers and become more dominant as a blue water navy.

    However, I have my doubts. Russian economy is not one iconic with stability. It has been a long time since we have seen a dominant Russian Economy and I don't see the Bear taking over any other country anytime soon. While projects are being reemerged, it might just be a political play to reinstate that Russia is still a World Power.

    While they have the technology, they might need to share with big emerging economies like China if they are to continue much of their defense spending.

    Just my opinion.

  2. Well If Russia knows how to market its resources well (Oil), curb down its economic decaying corruption, there is a possibility of a turnaround.

    They have the knowledge and technological expertise that still is superior to China.

    With a major shakeover, you could see it still being more dominant than its Euro counterparts. Especially with UK having a diminished armed forces. However, I am not putting US in the picture as US is pretty much a superpower that supersedes all at the moment.

  3. HAHa, Josh,
    If you say a few Ka-50s have been built. That's an understatement.

    16 as was reported on 2006. 16 miserable Hokums.
    That would not cover much air support for land forces.

    But I remain optimistic of Russia reemergence as Killers have pointed out. Lets give the Bear a couple of years to have a more accurate analysis.

  4. The Bear is like the unwanted Kid in the class of Europe.

    Nobody is sort of like wanting to be the Bear's friend.

    Other than the Breakout states of Georgia, I find very few fellow allies of the Russian Federation.

    That includes Ukraine

  5. Totally Agree with you RedChina.
    Capability wise, Russia is still not full adequate in taking on EU.

    With the introduction of the F-35, Russia will have problems facing Western Europe Defenses.

    In fact, Many armoured elements like the Leopard 2A6, Challenger 2, Leclerc and others have a superior technical aspects that outmatch the Russian T-90.

    However, it truly depends on how big a surge in terms of defense can the Russian's attempt to do comparatively to the EU for the Russia to become a dominant force in Europe again.

  6. In my opinion, Russia is definitely still a world power house based on its armed forces and economic potential. But understandably, gone are their glory days.

    Reemergence is possible if like Killers say, Corruption is clamped down or redirect to serve a more economic way for the country.

    AND definitely with you all in the "its too early to tell" idea of things.

    Giving Russia a few more years would be a good idea.