Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who Dares Win?

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SAS Soldiers getting ready for combat
SAS Men on the ground... establishing a perimeter.

The Special Air Service, the British Special Op Force that became famous due to their handling of the Iranian Embassy Storming (or Operation Nimrod) in 1980 which was one of the first of its kind, This was broadcast live all over the globe.

With a complement of 1000 personnel over 3 regiment, The SAS are trained under many scenarios and climates that are often deemed harsh and difficult for the average man.

Let's just put it this way, their above the rest on many levels of combat and military warfare.

Not sure how many of you know this, but while the British Commandos wear their iconic Red Beret, the SAS donned the sand-covered beret as their identity.

The SAS was formed in 1941 by Colonel David Stirling, in which they operated behind enemy lines around Europe and North Africa during WW2.

They disbanded on 30th November 1946, but was reestablished in 1947, remodeled from the Artists Rifles Regiment.

Their infamous SAS cap badge was also created after Operation Crusader in WW2.

In the picture below, We see a Blackhawk Helo deploying a squad of SAS men on the ground.
Using micromachines and forces of valour figures, we aimed to give an image of the special op force in its game, ready to engage in its mission.

SAS Special Ops with Blackhawk behind

Speaking of the SAS, the most prominent First person shooter has add extra prominence to the special force group with their adaptation of two amazing characters in the game.

I'm sure u guys guessed it by now. It is none other than Modern Warfare 1 and 2 with their iconic Captain Price and "Soap" MacTavish.

Played as Him in Modern Warfare 1, and Your Head Honcho in Modern Warfare 2

Captain Price, Manliest UK Roughneck SAS that i have ever seen.

Last but not least though, back to the real world, there is a former SAS guy that really makes me go "WTF" at what he does.

A celebrity in Discovery Channel, he is none other than Bear Grylls from the show, "Man vs Wild" Mr. Grylls puts himself into crazy situations in all sorts of natural climates and gives tips and tricks on surviving through the harsh terrain of these climates and getting out alive.

Usually, this involves some seriously dangerous trekking and climbing followed by eating and drinking the most detestable things you would never even dream of considering in your mundane and comfortable life at home.

I'm not sure about you guys, But SAS emits a certain sort of prestige that I find it hard to compare with any other special forces in the world. (Including the Navy Seals). While we are not able to highlight many of their track records due to the secrecy in which they operate.

There is a certain sense of fear, dread but more prominently, exceptional skill and class that is the SAS.

The question you must ask is are you able to put yourself into the mindset of an SAS man and challenge the world with the most famous words, "Who DARES Win?"

I find that a tough call to match.

On a sidenote, I am trying to go on a intense painting spree soon. In which I put myself into a non-stop 10 hour per day painting run for two to three days and see how far can i accomplish that I have set out for this year.

I am not sure of the outcome, But i figured, if i just do that for only 3 days, I might be able to accomplish more than i normally can for half to a year of painting bit by bit.

Lets be pretty honest, but, its not like everyone of us love painting so much that we do it everyday for hours on ends. I must say I am considered pretty intense compared to my fellow mates like Weiting and Josh.

Then again, they are extremely slack and can don't paint for close to a year or so. :p But i will give you guys my progress and tell you how far can an average joe go with ten hours of painting per day for 2-3 days.

Till then. CHEERS


  1. SAS MAN!!!! NV ASK ME TO CONTRIBUTE!!! hahahaha

  2. Contribute.. Send to me.. I promise you, I definitely Post it! :)

    Trust me.. I love just taking pictures of modern military stuff.

    SAS is also much appreciated