Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wood Elf Spellweaver

Hail fellow nerds!

JQ and I have embarked on taking photos in our "photo studio" (aka JQ's room), and I have just begun to process the photos we have taken so far. We've taken mostly WFB for now, but will proceed with modern military with our next scheduled photoshoot. It was nostalgic shooting back in JQ's room, remembering how we started this blog, and we have much to thank you guys/girls for your continued and warm support :)

Today, I will be featuring a Wood Elf Spellweaver. I don't collect or play WE, but I bought a couple of figures from a painting service as I thought they looked pretty cool...and I could always use them in a proxy army lol (at least they're painted!).

The Wood Elves are non tax-paying residents of Bretonnia and live in the forest of Athel Loren, the oldest forest known in the Old World. Time is warped in Athel Loren, and travelers (or interlopers) who get lost for a couple of hours may exit centuries later, or get lost for decades but leave only mere minutes since their fateful entry.

Athel Loren is a self-aware forest imbued with magic, and is a neutral entity in the WFB world - it favors neither Order or Chaos. While the Wood Elves have become allies of the Kingdom of Bretonnia, they remain estranged from their High Elf cousins. Somehow in my mind, elves always seem to be super aloof and proud even to their own kin (exception: DE who just hate everyone else).

Wood Elves are born with an affinity with magic, and Spellweavers (or the less powerful Spellsingers) are feared on the battlefield, provided they pass spell checks and do not miscast haha. With spells that can render regiments ethereal and mend wounds. they can prove to be useful additions to any WE army.

Tree painting background was done by JQ.
From what I've read about them, Spellweavers have greatly benefited from the new 8th Ed rules, and are considered almost automatic choices for WE armies 1000pts and above. The new Lore of Life and Lore of Beasts have been improved, and a highlight is the Flesh to Stone spell, which increases toughness from T3 to a whopping T7. That's really super cool and I really hate playing with T3, especially against Chaos. For a more detailed discussion of WE tactics, check out Dice of Doom's summary of the 8th Ed Army, and there's a blog dedicated to all things WE.

The backgrounds are courtesy of JQ, who thought of using the tree and flower backgrounds to give the pictures an arboreal feel. Ever since we have studied abroad and away from each other, one of the things I miss most is being able to get together with JQ and just dive into photoshoots. I've tried shooting by myself, but the creative synergy of a partnership trumps working alone.

The Bretonnia Magic-caster's Club: A Bret Damsel with the WE Spellweaver 
With just a few weeks left of my time in Singapore, I hope to get at least one more photoshoot with JQ before we part ways again. Taking photos of our minis and toys is always a fun activity, not only exercising our creativity, but also allowing us to keep this blog running and stay in touch with you all!

Take care and stay tuned for more posts :)


  1. Those are some good photo shots! Thumbs up on the background and the painting service is pretty awesome!

  2. hawaiiwarhammerfanJuly 14, 2013 at 3:40 AM

    Appreciating the dynamic backgrounds you have used on this photoshoot, Josh. Digging the painted background by JQ too!

  3. Wow, Epic shots from Josh! really some good stuff!

  4. Been awhile since I last check the blog out. This is some pretty nice artwork! A great blend between background and figures! Way to go Josh!

  5. Amazing Shots Josh! Great Macros!