Monday, July 8, 2013

The Bros are back together!

Hi guys!

Sorry for the long absence of post from me and Josh. We have been pretty busy with catching up with each other.

And on that note, It's really hard to believe that it has been two years since Josh and I have hung out in the same country. Finally, after the long wait, He has come back to the metropolis island of Singapore. And what better way to catch up than to do things that we both enjoy.

For starters, we took pics of our collectibles, miniatures and models in my place to prepare for new posts for Toyconstruct. The feeling was nostalgic as it was from my room that Toyconstruct began. (So be sure to stay tune to our new posts) Aside from that, hanging out with our mutual geeky/nerdy friends to watch Man of Steel and other geek fest blockbuster films would be a first in a long time for Josh.

Recently, He and I had a "Japan" theme Day where we played our favourite game, Shogun Total War (STW), ending with a great dinner in a well known local Japanese Dinner. Ah gaming together in one place with friends, is what the cool kids do nowadays. ;)

 Playing STW on a new level of Difficulty (Very Hard) with Josh. Me, the Oda Clan Daimyo

 Joshua, Tokugawa Clan Daimyo

 "Kawaii Peace-su" Pose by the Two Japanese Warlords

Awesome Beef Teriyaki and Pork Belly Bento Set in Izakaya.

It has been awesome so far! However, I must comment that "very hard" difficulty for STW is killing me. The AI is relentless and their armies sprout out of nowhere. It is going to take heaven and earth for Josh and I to consolidate and repel our enemies.  Regardless, I reckon it will be awhile before we start posting lots of Toyconstruct post as there are more things to do and catch up for Josh and I.

Till then though,

Stay Nerdy and Cool ;)


  1. WOW, that is a long time! Nice Japan Theme Day!

  2. Reunited Bromance! Ohhh yeahhh!

  3. Looks like fun. Is that STW2? I've never played them just MTW, MTW:VI, MTW2, RTW and RTW:BI and Alexander. I usually go easy or normal. I guess I'm just not that great a general.

  4. Oh Sean, You should catch up with the Total War Series. The Multiplayer campaign game is pretty dynamic and adds mroe excitement to your typical single player campaign game. Aside from that, RTW 2 is going to be pretty epic. I was a STW and MTW fan. In particular to MTW, the crusades, jihads and the mongol invasion are still by far the most terrifying thing I have ever seen in this game series so far.

    Thanx guys for the compliments too!

  5. Definitely a bromance that I will reminisce for the rest of my life.