Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kurosaki Ichigo

Another Good Day to you all!

Today in my Collectible Archive, I shall be featuring an action figure of the Anime Genre. From the popular tv series Bleach, I present to you its main character, Kurosaki Ichigo. As mentioned before, this Fantasy Samurai anime series' plot line  is not very in-depth and the fillers can make watching the show an agonizing experience. However, I must repeat myself to say that the fight scenes are pretty epic and it really captivates me how the Anime has developed and improve in its illustrations.

Ichigo in Bankai Form
Int his post, I have decided to paint and make my own background to suit the collectible being featured. In this case, Ichigo is in his Bankai Mode with his Tensa Zangetsu's Reiatsu (a.k.a Spirit Power). I do realize my paint job isn't really that amazing, but I do hope it pleases your eyes and provides a new direction in featuring my collectibles. (The "good guy" & "bad guy" sky background can be dreary for me and perhaps even more for you readers)

A Close-up on the Substitute Shinigami

Despite the fact that he looks really cool in his Bankai form and his ability to move way faster than usual along with his power ups, I do not really like the main protagonist of Bleach, aka Kurosaki Ichigo. Along the main story arcs, like the typical hero, Ichigo saves the day. However, on many occasion, you can't help but feel that Ichigo is just some upstart kid that just so happen to always manage to have some random surge of power and talent to defeat enemies who have way more training, talent, skills and experience compared to him.

The Boy who sacrificed to protect the ones he care about

The fundamentals of Ichigo's philosophy is that he must get stronger to protect the ones he love and care about. And it is an admirable trait. By all means, I feel it is a good trait to develop the character. However, I guess I am critical of the story as noone really teaches him on becoming better. Aside from his Sword Spirit, Zangetsu, you don't feel like there is much training needed for him.

Ichigo looks into the distant.

In fact, I feel his philosophy "to protect the people he cares about" is washed down by the fact that he somehow is able to defeat enemy after enemy in an shallow and unrealistic way. Of course, Bleach anime fans could argue that he already has a gift of great power that surpasses many of his enemies. As such, it is the fact that he has to use all of his mental strength and soul to control this untamed power inside him for fear he might lose control of himself and even hurt the people he care about that adds weight to the his story of sacrifice.

A Determiend Ichigo

I could understand that to some degree but the anime doesn't portray it in a way you can really empathize with the guy. Typically, I mean we all know that in a heroic story, the hero always wins, but I just do not see the struggles he had to go through to achieve that ending. Unlike Spiderman or Samurai X, I can't relate to Ichigo's trials and tribulations.

Ichigo's Katana: Tensa Zangetsu.

Regardless of my critique of his character, I really do like the appearance of his Bankai Form. It looks pretty darn badass. Furthermore, his reiatsu colour of black,red and white really does add an extra sense of awesomeness.

In spite of all my continuous rants over the span of all my Bleach blog posts about Ichigo and the Anime in general, their fight scenes outweigh my critique. As such, I have recently been compelled to complete the Arrancar arc. And I dare say, I was pretty please with the ending of the Arrancar Arc and the last few awesome fight scenes between Aizen, Urahara, Yoruichi and Isshin. All of which culminated to the final battle between Aizen and Ichigo.

Pretty epic stuff.

Here is a Youtube vid of the Part 1 and 2 of this Final Battle. 


Till my next blogpost, hope you enjoy today's anime goodness!



  1. Definitely One of the best duels in the Bleach Series. I like your pictures and the Background you did! Nice touch!

  2. Artfully done Jiaqi! Great work on the BG and the picture.

  3. Badass to the Bone! Unlike you Jiaqi, I really like Ichigo! He is still really so cool! And it is fully shown in this episode.