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1/700 Micro World Ships of The World Aimless Aegis Sengoku Ver.

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Today I bring you another toyconstruct posts on my modern military collection featuring the Kongo Class Japanese Aegis Destroyer, Isokaze. While it is out of production, Takara has produced many interesting Japanese Self Defense Force models and collectibles. Among them is the 1/700 Micro World Ships of the World Collection. One of them featuring a three part section that when combined, gives the entire structure of the Kongo Class Destroyer.

Isokaze, the featured (Fictional) Kongo Class Destroyer from Takara Ships of the World Collection

Like many other products from Japan, Takara provides really high quality ready made collectibles like this Kongo Class Destroyer. Based on 1/700 Modern Naval ships from Aoshima and Pit-Road, I know that Japanese Model kits are of high quality and detail. However, I was surprise to find that the detail in this ready made version of the Kongo Class is really amazing. From the paint job to the parts that were already assembled, it looked great from all angles.

Isokase's Front section

The reason why this collectible came in three parts was due to the fact that Takara intended this display to not just be of the ship but to show a cross section view of the various section and the internal compartments that make this Aegis Destroyer function.

Cut away part of the Front section of Isokaze.

The cool part of this collectible would be to see the cutaway part of each section of the Ship. I really admire how Takara goes into the details of painting and sculpting the various internal rooms within the ship. From the above picture, you can see that the mid level part of the front section has the radar room and you can even see a cross section of other rooms and the bridge too.

The really awesome thing about this collectible is that it is a 3D display of the Warship like how some of these military books showing cross sections of the Tanks and Ships in their books as shown below.


Mid Section

In my opinion, this Kongo Class Destroyer has features that are similar to the Sdkfz 181 Tiger I collectible that Joshua featured in his post. And I believe that this collectible could also be quite appealing to the younger age modellers and hobbyist who are into modern military
stuff as it is easy to assemble and build.

Cut outs from the Mid Section.

As seen in the picture above, the mid section even has cut outs showing the internal parts of the side of the ship. Among these parts is the Aegis radar near the top left corner of this particular ship section. What really amazes me even more is that even the miscellaneous rooms are being sculpted to provide an accurate internal structure of the ship.

Back Section

Front Cut Away of the Back Section

While I do not know every room compartment in the Isokaze, I can deduce from the back section lowest compartment would be the engine room that drives the Ship's propellers. Furthermore, while the Isokaze is a fictional ship name, everything else is based on the actual JMSDF Kongo-class Destroyer.

The Isokaze's VLS Launcher with its array of missiles.

The Japanese Self Defense Naval Flag on the Isokaze

 Aside from showing various miscellaneous compartments in the back section of the ship, we can see the internals of the VLS launcher with its array of missiles. We are also able to get a view of other weaponry like the CIWS and the Mk 46 torpedo tubes. It is noteworthy to know that the Isokaze is a Kongo-class Destroyer which is also essentially an Arleigh Burke Flight I modification.  This modification resulting from the transfer of technology and design between the US and Japan is but one of the many defense collaboration between the US and Japan. Japan's Self Defense Force have been acquiring US weaponry since the days after World War 2 and it is no big wonder that Japan has a strong Asian ally to the US.

As such, matters of each nation do affect the other nation to a significant extent. In recent years, this ties have been drawn to attention due to the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands. There have been rising tension in Sino-Japanese relation due to the dispute over whether the island belongs to Japan or China. While this dispute is between the People's Republic of China, Republic of China (Taiwan) and Japan, the two Chinese states have recognize that the islands are part of Taiwan as part of Toucheng Township in Yilian County of their respective divisions. In escalation to what has been mentioned, naval activities between the Chinese Navy and Japans Maritime Defense Force have been frequent around the islands and this has made the US nervous due to not wanting to get embroiled in a conflict with China.

Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands: Nothing really special until the discovery of oil reserves.

However, for all the naval tactics and maneuvers made by fisherman boats and Japanese Coast Guard, many do view this as more of a political play from both sides rather than a possible escalation to war. What is your point of view? And, if naval battle does ensue, will the Kongo Class Destroyer prove deadly against a growing modernized People's Republic of China Navy? 

A NTD Analysis on the Diaoyu/Senkaku Island Dispute.

The New Tang Dynasty Television provided an in-depth analysis on this conflict and an interesting point of view. This News Station is based in New York City and its aim is to provide truthful and uncensored news in and out of China. While I dare not say it is unbiased in its news reports and opinions due to its "liberal" feel, it could help us discuss on the possibilities of this conflict and perhaps hypothesize a possible modern naval battle scenario.

So let me know your opinions on the collectible and the conflict. Other than that, Stay tune for more features on Modern Military Collectibles and other stuff!


  1. Great photoes. I always love how Japanese Collectibles are always top notch in details. I do agree with NTD to a certain extent. A prolong conflict for China will hurt China more greatly in the long run. However, I believe that US might not want to be drag into another conflict for a long run. The Chinese might have more will in engaging in a conflict than the Japanese and Americans can stomach for.

    But that is just my two cents worth.

  2. Nice Pics of the JMSDF Destroyer! Honestly Speaking, if the uS steps in, based on conventional modern warfare, China would be on the losing end. But as Jiaqi point out, in terms of a naval warfare, who would fair better? I say it could go either way. While China may have a Aircraft carrier working in progress. The Japanese have more advance submarines and naval warships. It would be a tough one between the two countries.

  3. Definitely an interesting modern naval battle to witness, if the Senkaku Island Conflict escalates.

  4. Thanks all for the compliments. Good to see some input. It would be very interesting to see hwo this conflict pans out. And if it does escalate to a naval battle. It would be the first modern naval battle since the Falkland Wars.

  5. Seriously cool Blog! Link added :)

    1. Thanks for the Add. Be a follower on the blog too if you like (:

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