Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Iron Man: Extremis

Finally the long wait is over. After a gap in featuring my collectibles, I have returned. Speaking of returning, I am not sure about you, but I am totally psyched about the Iron Man 3 movie.

As such, I thought it would be quite apt to feature the Marvel Universe Iron Man Model 30 as Iron Man 3 opens for screening in THREE days time! Furthermore, we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Iron Man. For those who do not know, Model 30 is also known as the Iron Man Extremis armor that was featured in the same titled comic book series.

 Iron Man Extremis (2005)

Written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Adi Granov, the Iron Man Extremis story arc was rated as one of the best modern interpretation of the Iron Man Story. Furthermore, many element of the story has been adapted into the Iron Man Movies culminating in Tony Stark having the ability to mentally command his Iron Man armor to suit him up. I am presuming that the Iron Man Mk XLII will function in a similar way to the Extremis Armor. Evidence of that can be shown on the trailer below.

When I first saw this Marvel Universe Iron Man Action Figure, I wasn't too impressed. As mentioned in my Thor post, I realized that Marvel Universe Figures are not very consistent in terms of their paint job and quality. As such, like the Thor Figure, it took me a while before I was able to find the right one. The Iron Man Extremis Armor design is one of the coolest I have seen.

Iron Man Extremis in Front of the Extremis Graphic Novel.

The Mk 30.

I would have to rate it among the top 4 I have come across. The other two being the Iron Man Movie Franchise Design, the Armor from the 1994 Season 2 Iron Man and the Bleeding Edge Armor. Regardless of my opinion, the Iron Man armors' designs have been generally catchy enough to attract many fan boys over the many decades (including me.)

The 1994 Iron Man and War Machine

Iron Man Firing a Photon Laser

 A Super Impose of my figure on the Extreme Novel.

Looking back at my first Iron Man post featuring the Iron Man Mk III from the 2nd Iron Man movie, I can't believe how much time has passed. Now here we are, three years later, anticipating the next Iron Man show. Last time round, I asked for predictions on how big a hit would the movie be and would it falter like many sequels of good movies do. However, looking at the trailer, and the things Marvel and Disney have been doing for the past 3 years, I have no doubt that I need not ask that question again.
 Power On. All systems functional.

Super Hero. Technologist. All Human

So Apparently when Iron Man dons his Armor, he is suppose to be same height as Thor. I guess this doesn't really scale up.

However, I have overheard how some exceptional few are getting tired of Iron Man but I have no doubt that these are the greatest of exceptions. What do you guys think? Are you sick of Robert Downey Jr and Iron Man?

Aside from that, in my previous Iron Man post, i was reminiscing about how I was into Marvel Heroes and had a small collection of Marvel Figures that disappeared with my growing interests in Modern Military models and Warhammer. However, as Marvel continues to sweep the movie scene, I am getting back into it and being a comic and action figure geek I once was. All these being done without compromising my other collections and collectibles. In retrospect, I got to give credit to this long running Movie Franchise. Without it, I would not have been drawn back to the Marvel Universe. I would not have gotten back to reading Iron Man Extremis or the Marvel Civil War series. I can safely say by the end of the year or so, I would have spent quite a huge amount on collectible figures from Marvel and DC. In addition to that, I will be getting various comics to read.

I can easily say that same goes for my brother from another mother, Josh. So you would be seeing a lot more of Marvel and DC collectibles soon enough. So stay tune for it!

For now, get your nerd on and enjoy Iron Man 3!!!!



  1. Sweet pics man! Great Iron man Pics and an awesome cool post! Personally, I love the classic iron man armor design from the comics.

  2. Iron Man Extremis Rocks to the Max. Definitely the best foundation to build the Iron Man trilogy from!

  3. Totally not sick of RDJ or Iron Man. Definitely going to watch it real soon! WOOT!

  4. Just watched the film! You guys are in for an epic movie! I felt it was a step up from Iron Man 1 and 2. Aside fromt hat, Great Article and Great pics of Iron Man! Really nice direction!

  5. Jiaqi, Once a Fan Boy, ALWAYS a Fan Boy ;)

  6. 6 More days to it showing in America! So excited!!!

  7. Finally, It is going to be shown in US. Can't believe it has been screening for a week all over the world except for the US.