Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dwarf Organ Gun

Good day Fellow Fantasy Wargammers!

In spite of all the big hoohas about Games Workshop, I shall continue to feature all my fantasy miniatures I collect and paint up. I won't deny that in terms of wargaming, Warhammer is still up there and it is a prominent game in my local community. As such, I will continue to paint what miniatures I already have and expand my 4 armies to the minimum pointage of 2k to play. This is comparatively smaller to what I had planned before. However, I won't be buying directly from GW just to give myself some slight semblance of rebellion against their institution. Back to today's post, I shall be featuring my Dwarven Organ Cannon.

The Shooter of Great Balls of Fire

The Dwarf Organ Cannon is one of the reasons that compelled me to start a Dwarf army. It is a great war machine that complements the Dwarf Cannons. And with these war machines and a gun line, it would make for a great defense against the vanguard of the enemy.

One of the Three Dwarf Crew

Dwarf Loader

I am not sure, but after getting these guys, I realized that they have really huge ass muscular arms compared to the normal dwarves. I guess this is due to their constant manning of heavy machinery. And I must say, the Organ Gun is definitely a heavy machine as well as a heavy hitter.

Gunpowder and Heavy Steel.

Speaking of the Dwarf Organ Guns, when it comes to the realm of fantasy, more often than not, we see that Dwarves have the innate skills and traits to make superior weaponry, have mastery of gunpowder and the ability to develop high technology. This is also the case when it comes to the Warhammer World. (E.g Organ Gun, Gyrocopter, Dwarven Axe Thrower and more) However, much to my annoyance of the Warhammer World, The Empire and the College of Engineers seem to have one up against the Dwarves in technological research. Their masterpiece being the Steamtank, which is a horribly powerful war machine. Oh well, but then again, I guess the Human race innate ability is to be a Jack of all trades and have mastery over some skills.

Manly Dwarf is Manly.

Just look at his biceps and triceps.

Speaking of Dwarves, I believe many of you Fantasy fans out there have already watch the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Any opinions on the movie? I must say that I was quite happy when they were making the Hobbit as it showed more of the Dwarves than they did in Lord of the Rings. However, many of the dwarves in the party didn't have the manly Dwarf beard that they usually have.

We could argue that they are very young dwarves but Thorin Oakenshield's Beard was less than glowering and he is the King's Grandson. While my knowledge on the Hobbit is rusty and my knowledge of all the dwarves in the Hobbit adventure party horrifyingly rudimentary, it puzzles me that the Heir to Erebor has an embarrassingly short beard by Dwarven standards. So much so that, I am sure Gimli would frown upon too. The only acceptable beards by dwarven standard to me are Balin's and Dwalin's. (Pictured below from top left to right respectively)

Thankfully, I was able to get a detailed Hobbit folklore and possible explanation to Thorin's short beard in the movie from Rekyr who has a tumblr blog about these dwarves. Perhaps, you guys can give your take on the explanation too. Regardless, I still fine the lack of beards for the other dwarves rather unacceptable. :p

 However, the show was entertaining and stirring to say the least. While critics may point out that there is nothing new in terms of movie direction and the format is similar to the Lord of the Rings movie, I must retort that this is an indirect prequel to LOTR and because the audiences have been to Middle Earth, we can't apply something fresh to characters you have seen before. Furthermore, the book was way shorter than LOTR so the development of the story through the movie is surprisingly in-depth and vivid in comparison.

Finally, the Thorin's song was a real ear pleaser that display the sorrow he has and stirs one's heart for the dwarves finding a new home.

Till next post, take care fellow fantasy trekkers!


  1. Interesting. I read some complaints about the pretty boy dwarves. None of them had beards to speak of. The movie didn't do much for me. I was always a much bigger fan of LotR than the Hobbit. My recollection of the story is fuzzy so when the movie deviated from the story I just thought I didn't remember the story correctly. I thought the Movie was okay, but I didn't have to see it like the LotR series.

  2. Well, I am a big LotR fan too. And I do agree with you that the Hobbit feels as though it has less impact than the Trilogy. This is probably due to the fact that Peter Jackson did not really do anything new in terms of direction of the Hobbit in comparison to LoTR. Nothing much in scenes were really "new". We see the same effects or usage of camera angles and spells by Gandalf that we have seen before. As such, it is no wonder, that we were all not AWED by it.

    Then again, we must consider that the Hobbit was a short story compared to LoTR and was more or less originally aim by J.R.R Tolkien to a younger audience. (It was a Kids' story) It was after the success of this book, that we were able to see the fruition of LoTR. In other words, Without the HOBBIT, there would be no Lord of the Rings. No Hobbit, No Fantasy World... ever. DND and WoW and others would have cease to exist.

    Having said that, kudos to Peter Jackson for making the story more in-depth and making it a trilogy when the story can be put in just one movie. (Let's close one eye to the fact that making a trilogy is profit motivated)

  3. Well said Jiaqi. Nice figures and Aside from the old theatrics of Peter Jackson, Thorin's Song was pretty heartfelt. Last but not least, despite what you say, I must say that the Hobbit was still a fun watch. Don't you think so? As for the beard issue, I agree with you. THEY SHOULD HAVE MORE BEARD!

  4. Great pics JQ!

    One thing I loved about the Hobbit was how the dwarven armor was designed. King Thrór had serious "beard bling" which I found pretty awesome.

    Don't go hating on the Empire lol :) Fluff wise, the Empire and Dwarves are super-tight allies, and men learned gunpowder tech from the dwarves. Men and dwarves are friends! Also, dwarves have stats that I'd love in the Empire, such as WS4, T4, Ld9 in standard troops. I am not a fan (but understanding) of WS 3, T3, Ld7 haha.

    Regarding the movie, maybe the dwarves intentionally have less beard in the first movie, and the beards will steadily grow bigger and more macho with each new instalment haha.

  5. Lol, "Beard Bling". Good one Josh! Very True indeed that Thorin's Grandfather had some serious beard bling indeed.
    Great pics of the organ gun!

  6. Those Organ Gun Crew Man reminds me of Hell's Angel Dudes. But I must say that the Rekyr did provide some possible explanation to Thorin's short beard. The mourning of his Granddad and dad could be why he kept his beard short is quite a believable reason.

  7. hawaiiwarhammerfanMay 5, 2013 at 12:40 AM

    Organ guns are really annoying when you are facing them, Regardless, Great get up and paint job. As usual, Nice Warhammer miniatures.

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