Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gundam RX-93 (Part 2)

So its Gundam time again!

This time round, I am gonna show you the other equipment that the RX-93 possesses.

So what makes this far more superior than the Original Gundam RX-78?
In the show, it shows that the RX-93 had a set of fin funnels weapon that is unique to the RX-93.

This is seen from the picture above and below. These fin funnels are a form of remote weapons that have in-built generators. The fin funnels can also fire beams of laser that are lethal.

Now I ain't a Gundam Encyclopedia but from seeing the Movie "Char's Counterattack" I can tell that the RX-93 has a Psychoframe cockpit and the fin funnels are controlled using this psychoframe control system.

The Fin funnels can also create a unique beam shield called a "fin funnel barrier" that can provide defense against beam weapons and solid projectiles. As this Gundam has the psychoframe technology, it is very suitable for Newtype Pilots such as Amuro Ray to unleash the full potential of this Gundam.

Here we see the RX-93 wielding the V-Hyper Bazooka. (Took me hell loads of time to make this pose and I must say that for this model kit, they didn't really cater to making the Gundam hold this weapon properly.)

RX-93 with v-Hyper Bazooka and Shield which has Amuro Ray's insginia on it.

Here is The RX-93 flying off. (I must apologize because I am sure everyone notices that I do use the same background quite often. I do promise to get new backgrounds soon and more cooler ones. So stay tune for that. )

RX-93 in all its shining Glory. This is also because the RX-93 I got is in Shining metallic coating.

Here we have the RX-93 with its entire complement of armanent. I have yet to watch many of the other Gundam series. So while I may not be your avid Gundam fan, I can safely say from the shows I have seen, that the RX-93 is the definitely one of the most powerful Gundam as it is the only Mobile Suit that I have seen that is able to push an asteroid away from Earth. (with help of course) but the psychoframe technology allowed Amuro Ray to push the suit to limitless boundaries.

For more details: Check out Gundam Wiki

As I have said in my first Gundam post, Gundam has become a cultural phenomenon and something that is iconic to Japan as a whole. Due to its huge following and unique identity, there are many collectibles that are just insane in terms of value.

This ink and wash painting of Gundam drawn by Hisashi Tenmyouya in 2005. In 2008, It was sold in the Christie's auction held in Hong Kong with a price of US$600,000. (SICK)

As featured on the blog Geekologie. The picture you see above features the most expensive Gundam made. The Gundam Fixed Platinum was made by Bandai Co. and was priced at an astounding $41,468 , which to me is one hell load of money.

I am not sure if they made only one, but rest assured, even if you are not a Gundam fan, the platinum is worth that much melted down.

Doubt my Warhammer and Military Collectibles will even come up to the price tags of the two Gundam collectibles just mentioned.


  1. That is one expensive Gundam. Holy Smokes...
    I do like the Bazooka and Flying Pose of your gundam too. (:

  2. Great Gundam Model and Wow, that ink wash painting is amazing though.

  3. I must agree with you Jiaqi.
    This is by far, one of the most powerful Gundams I have seen.

    Char's Counterattack was a great movie too!

  4. The spoils of being rich.
    Platinum Gundam. Enough Said

  5. Funnel Technology is not just used in Char's Counteroffensive Movie.

    Great Model Build though. I can see you got the Shiny Coating Metallic Version. Great modification and Painting too!

  6. No offense but I prefer the original White coating one of the model.

    Nice photo shots though.

  7. Hahah I must admit, I kinda regret a little of not getting the white version. Thanks for all the nice comments though