Monday, November 14, 2011

Thunderers Ready!!!!

Good day to all,

Warhammer is back on Toyconstruct after a considerable time!

This time I shall be featuring my first regiment of my third army in the tabletop game. After much consideration and a last minute switcheroos, I have decided to embark on taking up the responsibility of commandeering the Stout Dwarven Army!

Not too long ago, I was featuring the Black Orcs and they were my primary consideration to be my next army. This is partly because they look clumsily cute yet ferocious monsters at the same time. However, after playing Warhammer Online as an Ironbreaker Dwarf, watching How to Train a Dragon and getting inspired by Viking folk lore, I decided that my liking for Dwarves was stronger than Orcs.

Furthermore, they have a really decent firepower army which interest me. With toughness, gunpowder warmachines and runes as their strong points, I could not pass on the chance to play the Dwarves.

So with the help of Dragon Painting Services (DPS), I acquired the mighty Dwarven Thunderers. Painted in a Nice Green Uniform, the dwarves look spectacular. I discovered DPS from ebay and I must say, for the price I say, I get exceptional quality.

Ready Aim Thunderers!!!

One thing I must point out is that the dwarves and many of the figures painted by DPS are really great. They have great painting, highlighting and blending skills. Furthermore, their attention to detail and precision is excellent. Eyes are dotted properly and delivery service is prompt and fast. In addition to all that, DPS has a large range of ready made Warhammer and 40K figures.

"I drum the drum, You fire the guns!"

I have to add that DPS also does provide custom works and also help to paint other stuff but if you do want ready made stuff, you can get almost any Warhammer unit from their store. They also do Flames of War and Napoleanic Soldiers. The only disadvantage about DPS is that if you do custom work, the person who does it for you doesn't have a great fluency with English as DPS is from Hong Kong. (No offense intended.) Mandarin would be more advisable. Of course, if you provide detail instructions and what paint you want to use, not much problems will be encountered. So if you lack the time to paint and want great quality miniatures for gaming, give DPS a tryout. (And no, I do not get anything from recommending them)

The Veteran with his dual Pistols. (Good for short range and Quick Firing on enemies)

Back onto the topic of my Dwarven Army, I am gonna make sure it is gonna look awesome, great ,playable and ownage. And like my Bretonnians, I will come up with a theme and storyline for this Grumpy tough Dwarves.

Dwarves like marching. (No Cavalry.. ): One of their disadvantage)

Along my long time in Warhammer focusing on my Bretonnian army, I always wondered what army would be next. And like the child who wants to be in the cool gang, I thought I get the next best powerful army, which was Chaos. Furthermore, it provided the balance in terms of Good guy v Bad guy.

Grumpy Grim Dwarf with his trusty Handgun

But when it came to my third army, I had a three way tustle between High Elves (because they were pretty), Dwarves (because they were tough and stout, and I love Vikings) and Orcs (Because they were the right balance of cute and scary). But the decision couldn't be any clearer now.

I shall focus more on talking about the Thunderers and more of the Dwarven stuff in store the next time round. If you have any queries on Dragon Painting Services, do let me know.


  1. That is a great assortment of dwarf models. Really well painted by this service you have reviewed. Love the shits to. Great stuff!

  2. Finally some warhammer stuff. Been waiting for eons.

    Great pictures though. And DPS painting is pretty wicked!!! But s the language issue a big problems?

  3. Awesome choice of an army.
    Dwarves are hardy bastards!

  4. Wicked stuff Jiaqi. WICKED!
    Excellent quality indeed

  5. Agreed on the lack of cavalry but I must admit too that Dwarves are a great army aside from that.

  6. @hawaiiwarhammerfan

    I do not think language will be too much of an issue. However, if you are really particular, In depth, simple and easy to understand instructions with minimal usage of vocabulary would help alot!