Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Iron Man Mark 7 (Hot Toys) and Captain America: Civil War

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It has been too long. Way too Long since our last post! I hope everyone has been fairing well!

Unfortunately, Toyconstruct has been pretty inactive since 2015 and I guess it's because of the many things Me and Josh have been doing in our lives.

Regardless of the little time we have to do our hobby stuff, we never stop liking the things we do and collect and experience.

Today, I shall feature Hot Toy's Iron Man Mark 7 or Mark VII from the First Avenger Movie.

 Took me long enough to feature this Bad Boy in all its glory.

 The Intro to Tony getting into this armor while falling down from the Avenger Tower was most definitely kickass.

Not to Mention, the Mark 7 is the first of his set of armors to be highly packed with heap loads of weaponry.

Might I add on that I believe the Mark 7 has clocked the most kills. I possibly believe that it could be more than his Armor in Avengers: Age of Ultron Armor.

"The Fog of War" Shot

 Looking Badass

Back when Tony Stark could still smirk....

However, all the fun and games are gone when the dust of war settles. When the Avengers fought off the Chitauri, no one focused on the collateral. When S.H.I.E.L.D unraveled from within due to HYDRA infiltration, innocent lives were killed. When Sokovia dropped back to the ground, the inevitable casualties suffered were high. The World was grateful for the Avengers at that time but the ghost of the past had come back to haunt the team in present day.

And that is the setting up for Civil War. Due to the Avengers' actions taken to defeat their various enemies,  it has resulted in destruction and loss of lives with no accountability. As the Avengers' answer to no one, sentiments to them grew negative. A drafted "Sokovia" Accord was created in which it states that the Avengers must seek approval from the UN in order to be activated or take action.

The Captain's stand is that the Avengers' hands are the safest and that no one or no organization should prevent them from saving or attending the needs of humanity. He views organizations as politically driven and that such groups would only prevent the Avengers' from being an effective team that they are.

Iron Man's stand on this matter is that there is no one to regulate the actions of the Avengers. Till now, there has been zero accountability on the actions of the group. His concern is that if the Avengers' continue to have free reign, negative sentiments will grow stronger. Ultimately leading to the demise of the team and no one to protect the earth.

Now that the premise has been set, I must say that the show is worth its weight in gold. It delivers more than Avengers: Age of Ultron. With the only bit of the basic plot and structure of the Marvel Comic Book Civil War, this movie turned out to be quite a screamer of a show. It delivered all the usual good things that a Marvel Film should have without going off tangent on the cusp of the story. It was a brilliant direction taken by Joe and Anthony Russo given that they had to make the Marvel Civil War Comic translate into film with constraints of only being able to utilize Heroes from Avengers and Spiderman.(No X-Men or Fantastic Four characters involved due to Separate Film Rights)

So much so that it washes over the bitterness of how Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice turned out to be. I am particularly impress at the way the rivalry and grudge between Iron Man and Captain America escalated. Both had good intentions but different views on the way things should work. All in all, the movie deserved its 88 percent Meta Critic Rating.

And without giving anything away, I must say that the movie definitely gave the Marvel fans what they expect to come out on various characters and what they can do.

This Film definitely highlights out how great Marvel and Disney have been getting it done for over the course of 8 over years. It also highlights how disappointing Batman v Superman was in story line and setting up of their DC universe.

The tragedy of DC is that while I am a Marvel Fan, DC has always had the better stories and more complex nature to Graphic Novel Story Telling. Unfortunately, DC has the misfortune of choosing a Director that really did not translate the story line of Frank Miller's Batman v Superman into film screen well enough.

The only biggest hits DC had in recent history would be Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy and a great visual representation and story direction on Man of Steel by Zack Snyder.

However, I got to repeat myself and say that Zack royally screwed this Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film.

Nevertheless, Enjoy Marvel's Captain America: Civil War and more to come from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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  1. Great works on the pictures! And clearly, Batman vs Superman really was not great!

  2. Sick Pics for a Sick Movie that I can't wait to watch!

    Sucks that it is only getting released in 3 days time!

  3. Nice setup with the Avengers Iron Man! Love his original Avenger Iron Man Suit

  4. Thanks for all the support guys! Do enjoy Civil War much!