Monday, July 13, 2015

Reason to make me feel crappy that I wasn't in San Diego Comic Con 2015

So for those who have not already know... San Diego Comic Con 2015 has wrapped up and boy was it filled with a heap loads of teasers and trailers and movie panels that would have just blow everyone's minds apart. It just tears me apart that 1. It is so hard to get a ticket for SDCC. 2. I don't have the $$$$ or time to go there this year. 3. SDCC being so epic.

So I shall just sit in my sad corner and list down the highlights on what has gone down in SDCC 2015.



HOT TOYS under the sole distribution of Sideshow Collectibles in the US has featured the entire line-up of the Avengers: Age of Ultron in SDCC 2015. Aside from what has already been released to the public, Maria Hill was added to the lineup. However, Quicksilver remains to be seen. Perhaps because of his death, there might not be a release of the figure. It is probable but highly unlikely that they would just not release Quicksilver at all. (Hot Toys has shown a action figure base recently with Quicksilver titled on it.)

Stan Lee taking a look at the Captain America and Iron Man Age of Ultron Hot Toys.

 Maria Hill. The new addition to the Hot Toy's Age of Ultron Lineup

 Age of Ultron Lineup

Yellow Jacket


With Ant-Man coming in a few days time, it was appropriate and great timing for Hot Toys to release the Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket. For me, if the film is fantastic, I might eye on getting Ant-Man.

Onto the Star Wars franchise, Hot Toys fetures the Millenium Falcon Cockpit which was absolutely fabulous. It also showed the Tie Fighter 1/6 scale which was pretty damn epic. However, Hot Toys had embark on making "The Bat" from the Dark Knight Rises film which ultimately did not achieve mass production. Therefore, I am quite skeptical if the supply would meet the demand on the Tie Fighter.

Tie Fighter

 Chewy and Solo. Coolest Bros in the Galaxy

Coolest Guy you want on your side in a Gun Fight.

2. Dark Horse: Game of Thrones

Dark Horse has released additional characters to the Game of Throne Series. Brienne, Sansa, Oberyn, Daenaerys and Drogon are only but a part of this lineup. While I am not too fond of the detailing, especially their previous action figures, the resemblance for some of these figures are pretty spot on. Oberyn and Grey Worm would be my favourite for this lineup.

Sansa Stark after leaving the Vale

Daenarys and Drogon

Grey Worm, Commander of the Unsullied

Margaery Tyrell

 Oberyn Martell, The Red Viper

 Lady Brienne of Tarth

3. Todd McFarlane's Game of Throne Builds.

McFarlane Toys has been always diversifying and giving its own take on toys and collectibles. With the success of his recent Walking Dead building sets, Todd has come up with the Game of Thrones Builds. As featured in SDCC, there two builds that are going to be release. The "Mother
 of Dragons" set and the "Iron Throne" set. I got to say, they looks pretty awesome. If the diorama is done well and with a bit of fine tuning or painting customization, it can look super crazy epic.

 Mother of Dragons Set

Iron Throne Set

Movie Panels

1. Marvel Universe

Weirdly enough, I have not uncover any Marvel Studio Film Panels, but the highlights for Marvel would be from Fox Studios. For starters, the main cast for X-Men Apocalypse was there to promote the X-Men Apocalypse film that will be featuring in 2016.

Epic Poster for the X-Men Apocalypse

The whole crew including Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Gambit (Channing Tatum)

So everyone from the X-Men First Class Cast shall be reprising their roles with new additions like Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark, who shall be taking up the role of Jean Grey, Olivia Munn as Psylocke, ALexander Shipp as Storm and Lana Condor as Jubilee.

Deadpool and Gambit

In my opinion, the main highlight for Marvel was the release trailer of Deadpool as shown in this link by dorkly: ( This wil lbe the first R-rated Marvel Movie. Just as how a Deadpool movie should be. It looks promising and I would safely say the coolest shit coming out of Fox that is from the Marvel Comics.

GAWD, Why am I not at SDCC2015

2. DC Universe

DC is giving Marvel a run for its money with the recent release of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer. It looks supremely epic and the panel must have went wild seeing it.

Much Love for one another despite their differences.

It has only been two days or so and the trailer is about to hit 20 million views. That is saying something. While DC have been left far behind in blockbuster movies compared to Marvel, perhaps this is the moment where they become the comeback kid to fight against  Marvel.

On top of the Batman v Superman Panel, The Suicide Squad packed their own punch in releasing their trailer that can be seen in this link:

3. Star Wars Universe

There isn't much to be said other than the word "epic". Unlike most of my fellow close friends, I am the lesser hardcore fan of the Star Wars Story. However, the magic atmosphere, story and legacy behind the movies is just so overwhelmingly powerful. Since it's announcement of a new trilogy that will continue 20 years after Return of the Jedi, the whole vibe on the Star Wars universe has been supremely positive. And the panel just speaks all of that.

Other Highlights

Epic Warcraft Footman Displays

 So there was a feature of the Warcraft Trailer in Comic Con but no leaks so far, so we just gotta wait until it comes up.

Epic Statues from Warcraft on what to expect in the upcoming Warcraft Movie.

Lastly,  it is the Hunger Games: Mocking Jay 2 Panel. If you haven't already seen it yet, the trailer was amazing. it does tease you and fill you up with anticipation. Whether you are a Hunger Game fan or not, the trailer does give the whole "Shit about to get real" vibe. 

Wow, honestly, this barely even covers half of what SDCC 2015 is. But all the features that were shown...Man oh Man oh Man... What a glorious day to be alive and experience all this.

But most definitely sad to not be able to be there to really get into the whole feel of being a part of SDCC 2015.

Oh well.. one day.. I will.. SOON ENOUGH.


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