Thursday, December 11, 2014

Toyconstruct goes to NYCC 2014! Part 2

Hi Guys,

It's been a while!! And in the blink of an eye, the year 2014 begins to set on us!

Oh but what a year it has been. As Josh has given a great detailed account on what New York Comic has been, I shall add my perspective onto his post on how NYCC has blown my mind.

For starters, the genre of cosplayers is way more expansive then what I get in Conventions back in Singapore. The diversity of cosplaying spans beyond just anime (as predictably seen in STGCC).

The picture above says it all, it's a guy dressed up as Sharknado... I mean noone, I literally mean noone would get it or even think of dressing up as this in Singapore. The Coolest thing about NYCC is that not dressing up... makes you stand out. Like these two friends of ours

To add on, Josh had the chance to come across fellow Battlestar Galactica cosplayers. They started chatting with him and even asked him to join a Colonial Day event. HOW COOL IS THAT? The whole atmosphere was friendly and embracing. It is just so great to see people casually chatting up to strangers to take pics and commend on each others costumes.

It's Tyrion Lannister! The IMP 

 Josh taking a swing at the Black Knight from Monty Python's The Holy Grail

In our adventure exploring the layout of NYCC, I came across two entertaining encounters of my own. One was with the Black Knight. He was showing some concern by asking if I was alright as I was on a crutch (due to a rather nasty knee injury).

To that, I replied, "Just a flesh wound" which immediately made him laugh and add, "Dude, you made my day."

Another encounter was when Josh and I were walking out of the Artist Alley. We cross paths with Batman from the Dark Knight film.

To which I shouted "WHEREEE IS SHEEEE?" in my best Dark Knight Guttural Voice.

To which he replied,"I DUNNOOO" in the same guttural voice. Passers-by could not help but laugh at the commotion.

Taking a hit from Wolverine...

Deadpool Nation is strong.

Among the crowd of Superheros and Anime cosplayers, I happen to stumble upon a group of Deadpools up to their usual "deadpoolish" antics. Can't have a legitimate comic con without the Deadpool Nation..

And here, I bring you a few more collectibles on top of the ones shown by Josh.

Our friend mucking around in the background behind this awesome statue of Thranduil done by Weta Workshop

Play Arts Kai - Rorschach from the Watchmen

Really Cool Figures of Daft Punk by Bandai. (Considering getting this for myself)

"I am the Law" Judge Dredd

While both Josh and I have featured numerous figures and statues, NYCC had more to offer than that. In actuality, a good half of the exhibition hall featured comics old and new. I have a feeling that compared to San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), NYCC has a bigger focus on comics (which is a great thing).

The Nerd Crew NYCC 2014

 Photo Op session with none other than Karl Urban, aka Judge Dredd, Eomer and Dr. Leonard Mccoy

Love it or Hate it, these celebrity photo op session thingies are big money for the companies who organize it. Furthermore, what other appropriate place can you do a photo-op then put it in Comic Con. While the photo session was brisk, fast and guarantees that you will have a photo taken of you and the celebrity, the cost can be staggering especially if the star is a A-Lister. Regardless, I think it is a necessary evil business model that satisfy the fans on getting their pic taken with their celebrity without having to wait half a day at some place and missing out all the other attractions in the Comic Convention. The convenience and the guarantee of snapping a picture with your favorite star is quite a compelling pull factor to part with your money. And that's my 2 cents worth.

 Awesome Mass Effect Weapon Props, with an awesomely heavy price to pay. :p

Before we knew it, time passed deftly quick and day 1 of NYCC ended for us on a real high note. Having an early night, Josh and I prepare to go back for Round two on Sunday. Without a moment to lose, we proceeded to the Artist Alley of NYCC, and boy was a blown away by the artworks there.

Street Fighter Head Portraits by David Yardin

The Talent Pool of Artists here was huge. I am so overwhelm by all the awesome artwork that I immediately felt quite depress on my artwork capabilities.  To draw/colour half as good as these guys would make me so happy and contented.

It is at this moment where Josh and I went on a spending spree. It is safe to say that my expenditure in Comic Con trumps all other activities I have done in New York. On top of buying several printed edition artworks for various artists, Josh and I were determine to get at least one original artwork. Josh got the Street Fighter Cammie Original Portrait Art Piece by David Yardin which quite honestly was a freaking amazing work of art. The Colouring by Yardin was flawless.

As for me, I got a Galactus original warm up sketch by Freddie E.Williams II. I love the vantage point and angle that Freddie drew Galactus. You feel the "Massiveness" of Galactus oozing out of the page as his hand is put forth to the foreground.

Galactus by Freddie E. Williams II

More Amazing Pieces of Work

One of the talented Artists focusing on doing Commission Work.

All in all, it was a great event and an experience I would not forget ever. NYCC has been increasingly gaining more traction and popularity. In fact, this year's NYCC 2014 can't really be classified as the lesser brother of SDCC. There were many interesting panels and a considerable amount of big stars that appeared for NYCC. Back to the Artist Alley experience, one of the regrets I have was that I should have gone earlier so that I could place a Commission Artwork to be done for me.

Nevertheless, with this much spoils from my nerdy adventure, I can't really say I am discontented.

It has been so great to meet up with Josh after being apart for quite awhile. And nothing is more appropriate than the Toyconstruct team exploring NYCC 2014 together. Best Bromance experience!

Be sure to check out Josh Album on NYCC 2014 Part 1 here.

And my album on NYCC 2014 Part 2 here.

Till the next post,

I have only this to say: Winter is coming... and so is Christmas, Brace thyself!


  1. Great Artwork you acquired from Freddie Williams! Nice post on NYCC 2014! It has become a bigger event that it has been before!

  2. Wonderful pictures and what an amazing event to meet up you guys!

  3. Great stuff from you guys! Love the albums for NYCC!!
    Maximum Geeking out!

  4. Thank you everyone for your nice comments!

    Josh and I will be revamping and coming up with a new look for the blog for 2015. So stay tune :)