Monday, July 28, 2014

Finn the Human from Adventure Time

Hi all,

We are back again!

Today, we shall be featuring the main dude, Finn the Human from Adventure Time!

Finn had been abandon in the woods during his infancy and was rescued by Jake's Parents. Finn was raised alongside with Jake, his adopted brother which made their friendship and bromance grow to what you see in every episode.

Time to get some adventure going!

Prepared to meet your doom with my Sword!

As one of the only Humans left in the land of Ooo, Finn is the resident adventurer and main hero of the story. And at the age of 14 now, he showcases his youth through his funny and entertaining child like behavior. Finn is also righteous, brave and has a strong sense of responsibility to help his friends. As such, he also acts as the moral sheriff for the Candy Kingdom.

What are you doing, Jake?

Nap Time with Beemo.

What draws me into watching the Adventure Time show is Finn's relationship with the people around him. From the bromance he has with Jake, to his interaction with Beemo and his relationship with girls, there is something about him that I can connect very well with.


Just chilling at the bottom of the tree house

I know that the cartoon demographic is for kids but there is so much of Finn that I see in myself and I can't help but realize that a lot of his wanderlust, curiosity, sense of adventure, goodness and friendships that he has forge are very much similar to my experiences in life. His perspective on things are also close to how I view things in life.

There are hardly a lot of mainstream cartoon that are really awesome nowadays. Gone are the 90's era of action heroes and off beat but cool boyish animation series. Adventure Time is what makes me feel like a kid again.

Are there any of you guys out there who can really associate to any Cartoon Character in the way I do with Finn?

Do share!

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  1. Cool post. I watch Adventure Time with my eight year old daughter, we both love it :-) The episode where Finn plays Card Wars for the first time against Jake is my favourite, reminds me of some wargames I've had! The two main characters from Regular Show remind me of my carefree youth, but nowadays I'm probably closer to Homer Simpson! Cheers, Paul :-)

    1. Hahaha Good to know. The Simpsons is a classic. And Card Wars really was a great reminder on boys being boys and also it is one aspect of the hobbies I get involved in.

      Thanks for sharing your experience Paul :) Cheers

  2. Adventure Time Rocks and Finn is super awesome man! Great pics and Scenery used for Finn.

  3. Sweet pics of Finn! Very creative work here!