Monday, October 21, 2013

Thor (Hot Toys)

Good day to all!

For all those comic book fans out there, it would be of no surprise for you all to know that Thor: The Dark World would be coming to theater screens real soon! In fact, it premieres in London today! And so, I thought it would be more than appropriate to feature Hot Toys Thor from the Avengers Movie!

Firstly, I got to say that the quality of this figure is superb. From the head sculpt to the props, the figure is down right awesome! Furthermore, this would be my first Hot Toys Movie replica that I have unwrapped and I am thoroughly impressed by its quality.

I must state that the lighting and angle of the camera shot plays a part in really capturing Thor's "epicness". However, I am not sure if my Camera does Hot Toys' Thor full justice. Furthermore, I was unable to provide full background for Thor as the figure is huge. I must admit that I am not use to taking shots of 1/6 scale figures and this has resulted in picture shots without the usual background you are so use to seeing.

Despite my best effort and short comings, I do hope that you enjoy the pics.

 Mjolnir, The Hammer of Thor

 More often than not, Hot Toys provides an accurate depiction of the Movie Character/Replica figure that they are doing and Thor is not an exception. The detailing on Mjolnir is phenomenal. On top of that, the Hammer is made of metal and is pretty heavy which adds to the realism.

 "Whosoever holds this Hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor"

 Definitely Hemsworthy.

Hot Toys goes an extra further mile with the detailing putting Nordic runes inscribe on his circular chest piece. The inscriptions are so small, I can really show it through the pictures here. But if you check out our Toyconstruct page, I have a zoom up shot on it in the Thor album. It is pretty crazy awesome that Hot Toys would add details even the normal collector would not be very particular about. Definitely impressive by my standards.

"Do you want me to put the Hammer down!!??"

It is good to know that Hot Toys has come a long way from developing gear and doing WWII and Modern Military 1/6 scale Figures to specializing in Movie Replicas. And now, they are the dominant force in 1/6 Movie Replicas.Getting back onto Thor, I must say, the sequel to his introduction film looks great. From the trailer, it does show promise to succeed the first film in a good way.

Thor: The Dark World

Impress much?

Not too sure if anyone noticed but Thor and Loki's hair length grows longer from Thor to the Avengers to this sequel.

In any case, the villain Thor faces this time round is Malekith, the Dark Elf Ruler of Svartalfheim or Svartalfar in the Prose Edda of Norse Mythology. For Warhammer Fans, you all would be familiar with this name as Malekith is the Witch King of the Dark Elves of Naggaroth which is also very loosely based on Norse Mythology too.

Thor Odinson, Protector of Midgard

The film takes place a year after the Avengers and probably occurring after Iron Man 3 in chronological order too. The plot revolves around a darkness that existed before the universe. It focuses on Malekith, ruler of a primeval race who intends to exact revenge on the universe for its wrongdoings on him. Thor has to wield his Hammer and protect the nine realms from this evil which gets him consequently involved in Earth's affairs and reuniting with his love interest Jane Foster.

Side Profile

The Asgardian Warrior

A Close-up on the Bearded Manly Warrior

Looking at the trailer and at Hot Toys Avenger version of Thor, I am loving it all. The Head sculpt for the prototype received much skepticism but Hot Toys took in the comments and improve greatly on the final sculpt. While I cannot say the same for the quality of Hot Toys Thor from the first Thor movie, this figure gets my stamp of approval.

If you are a hardcore Marvel Fan Collector who enjoyed the Avengers Movie very much, I recommend you get this figure. But who am I kidding right? If you were a serious Marvel Fan, you would have probably got the pre-order. Unfortunately if you are still keen on wanting to get this, the only way to get it now is via ebay. Please be prepared to pay a higher price as these guys increase in value.

Now, it is time for me to don my fanboy shirt and continue to ride along the Marvel Universe with Thor! I do hope it won't be as underwhelming as Iron Man 3. In any case, have a great one with this film fellow Marvel fans!

Stay tune for more Toyconstruct posts! Will be featuring more from the other categories soon!



  1. Nice pictures Man! Hot Toys nailing it with this Figure of Thor.

  2. The first Hot Toys Thor doesn't look great but they definitely nailed it on the Avengers version.
    Great shots! Can't wait for the screening of Thor, The Dark World.

  3. I am prep for this blockbuster superhero show!

    Great job on the photos Jiaqi! Looks great!

  4. Trailer looks fantastic! Good pictures! Hot Toys are awesome and where did you get that awesome Thor shirt?

  5. Great looking figure. Definitely Trumps the previous Thor figure you posted! I am sure pretty much most people are anticipating this next movie blockbuster. By the way, Fantastic shots and edits!

  6. Thanks all for the compliments! I hope you all are psyched up for the show soon!
    @Landon: Got it from the Marvel Panel at the Singapore Toy Game Comic Con 2013.
    You can expect me wearing that to the film :p

  7. Great Figure of Thor Jiaqi! Liking the photo taking direction!

    Got any more Modern Military 1/6 Figures?

  8. A very badass looking Thor you got there!