Saturday, April 7, 2012

Game of Thrones Season 2

Hey Everyone

Hope you are doing well and JQ has been delivering great stuff onto the blog! The Leopard 2A6 is also one of my favorite tanks of all time, it's power and sheer maneuverability make it a force to be reckoned with.

I am slow on this, but man is HBO's Games of Thrones awesome! I do not have HBO so I have settled for (painfully) waiting for each season to finish and be transcribed onto blu ray/DVD. Right now I am in the middle of season 1, and while there are no spoilers since I read the does remind me of parts that I have forgotten over time. Like those of us who have read the stellar books, I can wait for this season to pass....I hope :P

It's a sure bet that many of us are aware of the trailer for Season 2, and I've just added it and the soundtrack below for our enjoyment. One of the best trailers I have seen in my life.

And for those interested, there's a well-written article from Foreign Affairs that explores the many themes/theories that The Game of Thrones explores, on how it is radically different from the LoTR archetype, and the powerful lessons it holds for its readers, both political and humanistic. Also, there's another erudite article that examines the historical setting of The Game of Thrones and finds that George RR Martin's imagination trumps historicity, which then becomes the ingredient for the compelling narrative of the series (real life medieval Europe was boring apparently, battles lasted roughly 30 minutes long).

Just curious, do you all have houses that you "swear" by? Whenever I read the books, I find myself rooting for House Stark and imaging myself as a part of them...and yet have my dreams shattered by the heaps and mounds crap they go through LOL. There's a fan-made quiz on finding what House fits you, and yes...mine is unsurprisingly House Stark. But I find myself rooting for Tyrion and Daenarys (who is super hot) too.
While the TV series is widely acclaimed, particularly for Peter Dinklage's Tyrion, the same can't be said of the video game side...yet. A Game of Thrones: Genesis was released a few months ago by Cyanide studios to a mixed reception, and it makes me wish how awesome it would be if they went to The Creative Assembly and did a Total War take on GoT (I really hope someone out there is making a mod for it!).

And there's another RPG coming out soon, Game of Thrones - The Game, which again features Cyanide Studios making a RPG set 1000 years before the books. One thing's for sure, George RR Martin is involved in its creative process, and if he's happy with it so far...I guess that should at least be good enough for us. Looks-wise, it may not be a work of art...but I am hoping that its dark storyline will shine.

And just to cap this Game of Thrones's something for laughs:


  1. Lannister for me would be my Preference in House. Their strength and power intrigues me. A very realistic representative of high society and the true power of the top 1% of the world. A Lannister always pays his debt!

  2. Decided to read the novel while waiting for Season 2. It is so epic. And the trailer for Season 2 looks awesome. I am in the midst of Book 2 now and even though I am halfway through it, I can't wait to see the show. My favourite House is also the House of Lannister.

    Somehow, the perceived bad guy of the book appeal to me with their awesome power too. So i am with Vickers on this.

  3. For me, the House of Baratheon is the most intriguing house. I take particular liking for this house due to the three brother Baratheon (Stannis, Robert and Renly) reminds me of the Chinese War literature, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and the three Sworn Blood Brothers, Liu Bei, Kuan Yu and Zhang Fei for those who read chiense literature that is.

  4. Saw that pic from 9gag. I like the House of Targaryen. Fear the Dragon..and it's "Fire and Blood"

  5. Winter is Coming...Real soon

  6. Saw the first season. Really great stuff. I can't wait for this coming season and I can only imagine it to be just as good.