Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Challenger 2 Tank

Hello again!!

So Battlefield 3 is out and I am sure that all you battlefield fans will be busy busting the front lines with ammo in hand and scopes set to target your enemies.

While I haven't really had the time to get real gritty and fully involve in the whole warfare of Battlefield 3, I was able to get some feedback from my mates on how is the game like.

With the great leaps in graphics and dynamics of the game, a few of my friends had trouble telling friend from foe. The action is all over the place that when you first get into it, you almost get disorientated from everything but I guess that's how War is.. or is it?

Aside from that, another critical feedback on the game is that on PC, you have to navigate through a web browser menu, which requires you to get a suitable web browser before you can even initiate the game which can be really annoying.

Other than that, I took the chance to review the vehicle lineup of Battlefield 3 and was a little bit disappointed on the selection. While there are a few new featured vehicles like the Ka-60 Helicopter, some of the original lineups like the UH-60 Blackhawk is removed. What disappoints me a little more is that, there are only two factions compared to the original Battlefield 2 having China and MEC together with the USMC. That means almost all the Chinese type vehicles are not inside Battlefield 3 while Russian ones still remain.

While I am sure BF3 would be a real great multiplayer game that will provide the same unique "Modern Combat" fun, I am sad about the vehicle lineup. It is said that the conflict in the single player mission is set in 2014, so it would have also been cool if they added 5th Generation Jets like the F-22, F-35 and PAK-FA. Furthermore, the M-ATV slated to be the replacement for the Humvee and more armored light vehicle is also not featured which doesn't exactly provide an accurate view of what 2014 could possibly be. Then again, the counter argument would be that it is the USMC and they get the less advanced war machines compared to their Army Brothers.

Speaking of Battlefield 3, I will be excited to see what EA has in store for gamers in terms of Battlefield 3 Expansions. Battlefield 2 had Euro Force, Special Forces and Armored Fury expansion.

Among which, the Euro Force expansion featured the Challenger 2 tank which is what I shall be showing today.

The FV4034 Challenger 2 is the main battle tank of the United Kingdom.

Of which, Oman is another operator. One thing that interests me is that the Challenger 2 is a major redesign of the Challenger 1. So much so that fewer than 5% of parts are interchangeable between both vehicles. Of course, this could work to some disadvantage in terms of the ability to salvage from one Challenger to repair another.

Here we see a Challenger 2 rolling by with a castle silouette in the distance. Old Fortification, meets the New Mobile Armor of the British Isle. This mean fighting machine cost about $6.8 million which is more costlier than the Leopard 2A6 and M1A2.

I have acquired this 1/72 model from Dragon Armour. Dragon Armour makes one of the most nicest detailed 1/72 diecast models. In this particular instance, the Challenger 2 tank is from the Royal Scots Dragoon Guard. The KFOR on the Tank's side stands for Kosovo Forces for the Kosovo Conflict in 2000.

Aside from Modern Naval Warships, the next best thing that I have always take interest in is Main Battle Tanks and the Challenger 2 is a great sleek design tank that has definitely captured my attention.

Designed and built by Vickers Defense System now know as BAE Systems Land and Armanents, it is branded to be the most reliable tank with only two casualties ever. (One Damaged and One lost due to friendly fire)

Armed with a L30A1 Smoothbore 120mm gun (Upgraded to the L55 Barrel), the tank holds 52 rounds and 4 crew. It travels just under 60km/h on roads and 40km/h offroads, making it a little slower than the ubiquitous M1A2.

I love the Challenger 2 tank. And like many of its modern day counterpart, it packs a great punch and a reputable record in combat.

Can your Tank do this? (I know its a M1A2, but hell, this is one unconventional way of diffusing a carbomb)

However, what would really interest me would be a fist fight of this modern generation tanks to go head on with each other in a real battle. Unfortunately, almost all of them are on the same team, which means the possibility of a conflict which will pit a Challenger 2 against a Leopard 2A6 or M1A2 Abram is highly unlikely.

In fact, based on current modern day tactics, if one side holds air superiority, the tank battle would probably be already decided. But at last, I can only speculate till a conflict between these armoured tanks face each other.

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  1. That is some sweet looking pictures taken of the diecast.

    You do make it look great Jiaqi!

  2. Great article. I must agree with you on the Battlefield 3 problems. I really do hate the browser menu and yes the vehicle selection is a little disappointing. Wish they had a few new array of vehicles rather than less.

    Love the photographic shot of the challenger and I also have to totally agree on the Western Powers so called track record of their Main Battle Tanks. I guess you can only hold a real type of reputation if you face a counterpart with equal generation tanks.

    Keep the posts rolling Josh and Jiaqi!

  3. Agree with you POI, haha but you gotta give it to the M1A2. That is some crazy way of diffusing a bomb. I wouldn't risk it if I were the driver.

  4. I got a few Dragon Armour Myself. The M1A2 and the Bradley M2A2. very nice quality.

    Good picture Jiaqi. What did you use as the base?

  5. Oh boy, Great shots taken! Love Tanks to bits!! and that video just help me realize how awesome Tanks are!

  6. hiko, I used my leather laptop cover as a base. nothing that great. HAHAHAHA

  7. Long time since I last visited.
    Great Pics and Awesome Video there.

    In terms of the Track record topic, Certain technological specification can provide some hint to the speculation between the Current Generation Modern Main Battle Tank pitting against each other.

    Of course, in the end it all boils down to tactics and strategies and the men who make these war machines work.

    If an inexperience novice Tank Commander and Crew pit its M1A2 against a Competent Commander and Tank Crew with a Leclerc Tank. You will be sure that the Leclerc has a great chance of winning.

    Such is the case in battle.

  8. I really like the pictures taken of the tank. Great shot!

  9. Hahah It really does get us wondering, what if Britain went to war with US and had a tank n tank Battle. Challenger against the M1A2.

    Doesn't even have to be allies. Perhaps Saudi Arabia's M1A1s against the Israeli Merkavas Mk IV.

    Of course, such conflicts are unlikely to happen unless it is politically necessary to do so.

    War is too costly now.

  10. Back in the times long long ago, Countries and Leaders conquered because it was profitable to do so. (eg. The Crusades, Julius Caeser's Conquest of Gaul)

    Nowadays, in a Globalized World, War is more of a Force intervention arm than a Profit making action. (Unless you can truly justify the action of war for profiteering) Eg. War on Iraq. :3 (No offense intended on Americans, but it is kinda obvious)

  11. Good point, There is nowhere left to conquer in the globalised world..
    Unless push come to shove and force is required to enforce political interest or claiming of valuable resources.