Monday, August 8, 2011

Youtube: BTR 60 vs. S-Class

Now this is what I call badass: A Lithuanian mayor uses a BTR-60 APC to run over an illegally parked Mercedes S-class.

The owner who came out certainly looked like someone who'd kicked my butt if I did it, and I am sure it took a lot of balls on the mayor's part to pull this off! I'm not sure if anyone is going to pay for the crushed car though :/


  1. Damn... That is just one badass mayor

  2. Lol, I like how the mayor just shakes his hand and say," Next time park your car legally..."

    Then again, The mayor isn't so small a guy himself.

  3. Everything in Russia is badasss I guess..

  4. I mean eastern european.. .:p HAHA my bad