Monday, December 20, 2010

Things you can get in Tokyo for Model Kits

So after the trip was all said and done, my hobby goodies was a pretty substantial one.

Trinkets and Treasures of a fine expedition.

From the two Models I purchased from the streets of Akihabara...

To the Shizuoka Hobby Fair 2010,

I was able to get quite a sizeable amount of stuff back to tinker and feature in the near future of the Toyconstruct blog.

One thing that I left out that requires honorable mention is the model display casings and spray cans that I bought from Daiso in Japan.

For those who don't already know, Daiso sells almost all items at 1oo Yen (1.2 USD) in Japan.
Aside from the spray cans and the plastic container, the display casings were a little more expensive but they were still very very reasonable in comparison to the Tamiya model casings that would cost 20-30 bucks. Each of these casings are big enough to store at least two ships of scale 1/700 (Destroyer or Cruiser class, NOT bigger) and they cost about 300 yen or so, which is no more than 4 USD. So you can imagine how much you save.

Wanted to get another one, but I was worried about my baggage space. Turns out it was barely enough spare baggage spare for me to bring everything back to Singapore. So do take that into account.

On a sidenote, Will be featuring the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention soon and it will be followed by heap loads of stuff from me and Joshua.



  1. Damn... that is a lot of really great souvenirs and stuff you got from the gundam anniversary exhibition thing.

    Shit, Got to get me a ticket to go and check it out!

  2. Ahh, the Dragon/Cyber Hobby Type 45 Daring Class Ship.

    Really great Smart kit with photo-etch and all.

    And those display cases are dirt chip. This Daiso store in Japan does integrate hobby stuff into it yeah?

  3. Those are some fine looking souvenirs ;) Nice

  4. Your Gundam Model Box and Souvenirs look nice.
    And it is cool to see a budget shop dedicate some items for model stuff.


  5. Merry Christmas, TOYCONSTRUCT!!!

  6. Thanx for the Christmas greeting RedChina.
    And yes Killers, Since Hobby craft are still an "in" thing in Japan, Stores like Daiso do integrate it into their convenience stores.

    But I can only speak for Daiso. :p